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Close Calls™ got started by an eclectic group of individuals, many with backgrounds in law enforcement and personal safety, but some that have experienced violence themselves. We came together to offer real solutions to the average woman, something that can be used anywhere and without much training.

We now have 27 Close Calls, our book for adult women that uses our newly developed science, Safety-from-Violence™, to quickly and easily show women how to be up to 99% safer immediately. We are currently working on a Close Calls book for college women.

Women can also take our live 27 Close Calls Basics™ class based on the book from Certified Close Call Academy Instructors™. This  6-hour class is taught online currently via a live meeting. Once the class is completed, participants will be able to navigate their daily lives much more safely immediately. We are currently seeking new instructors.

Close Calls is part of a group of organizations that promotes Safety-from-Violence™ and Predator-Denial-Methods™ including Strider Safety™ and Strider Lab, Inc. While Close Calls™ is devoted to women, our fellow organizations are able to branch out into other demographics and many different projects to keep people safe. 

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Committed to making women safe.


Director of Close Calls, Strider Lab, Inc.

Connie is a co-founder and the Director of Close Calls. She leads all Close Call Case investigations. Connie is a retired lieutenant with Texas Department of Public Safety with nearly 30 years of experience. Connie also co-wrote 27 Close Calls


Executive Director, Strider Safety™

Besides saving lives as a registered nurse, Leah is devoted to helping women take charge of their own personal safety. Leah heads up Strider Safety, our parent organization which is committed to large projects that can make large scale impacts. Some current projects are Safest Campus on the Planet™ and the Serial Rapist Database™.


SFV Engineer & Assistant Director, Close Call Academy™

“Anything that will make more people safe” is Jamie’s official role.  But she’s also the Close Call Academy’s acting general manager.  Jamie graduated from CCA Instructor School with Class 2016-1 and prior to that from Fort Lewis College.


Co-founder and Chief Safety Officer, Strider Safety™

Dave is a former Colorado Ranger, Reserve Sheriff Deputy, Police Academy Instructor, and 911 Executive. One of the few Harvard MBAs to have worked in law enforcement, he is the creator of the Close Call Method™ and the Strider Spectrum™.