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What is a Close Call™?

We have all had one whether we realized it or not. It's that moment where something could have happened but for whatever reason, it didn't. Maybe the hair stood up on the back of your neck for no apparent reason or maybe you were walking alone and got the eerie feeling that someone was following you but you made it to your destination just in time. Often times, we brush it off as nothing. But was it really nothing? Chances are it was something and we were just lucky enough to avoid it this time. This is what we call it a Close Call™.

There are different scenarios and levels of intensity of course. One example is a near miss while driving in the car, an accident that was inches from happening. If this has ever happened to you, your heart probably skipped a beat and maybe you even said, "Whoa! That was close!" While there are different types of close calls, such as the scenario in the car, we define a Close Call™ as anytime there is imminent danger or any time there is violence that could have been worse. And we can use Close Call™ stories from real women to make other women safe.

If you thought there were a way for you to be exponentially safer every time you are in a dark parking lot, or every time you go on a date, would you want to know how to do it?

If your answer is yes, then you need to read this book.

Hundreds of women told our investigators their own personal Close Calls™. The investigators, with backgrounds primarily in law enforcement, analyzed them for years and were able to identify the 27 crime cases that are most likely to help you to avoid a dangerous situation yourself. If you know these cases, you will be able to see it coming and will be able to avoid it or deal with it to minimize impact. This is the tool that can help you stop a crime before becoming the intended target. This is the Close Call Method™.

The Close Call Method™ is a method of being Safe-from-Violence™ that addresses the primary situations which are dangerous to a woman. Using the Close Call Method™, you will be able to identify, navigate, and deal with situations that may become dangerous or violent.

Will you be ready the next time you encounter a situation that doesn't feel quite right? With this knowledge in your back pocket, your answer will be yes.

Get 27 Close Calls Now

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