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How spotting a Safety Situation™ can save your Life

Most people would agree that you would want to be extremely alert when you need to cross a dark parking lot alone at night, right? Because the risk of danger is heightened and something bad always happens in a scary movie at that moment, so we tend to perk up a bit. Of course this makes sense. Scary parking lots trigger thoughts of Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer...and none of us want to end up like those guys and gals. In 27 Close Calls™, we call that recognizing a Safety Situation™, which is any situation that has the potential for danger.

Really, the potential for danger can lurk in the most unsuspecting places, but we have identified the 7 primary Safety Situations™ that can be identified ahead of time and therefore, can be navigated safely. That means that you can know the 7 most likely situations that violence might occur, and you can navigate them more effectively. Basically, if you know what to look for, you are 99% more likely to avoid danger. It is that simple. Learn more here.

Leaving the office late, going out for ladies night, or meeting for a first date, these are some of the things modern women encounter and even look forward to. I mean, what is more fun that ladies night? We should be able to do these things and have fun doing it! We can do it and we can do it safely. Close Calls is about empowering women to go out and do whatever we want to do and to have the tools to stay safe doing it. It is personal safety for the dynamic, practical woman.

Whether you are at home, on-the-move, out socializing or hanging at home, if you know how an encounter might go down, you can plan for it and be ready. Knowing the 7 primary Safety Situations™ can help you go about your every day life in an extremely safe way, like you have the secret service on commission just for you. Further, there are 27 crime cases that, if you know them, can actually save your life since you will be able to see them coming. Read them all here.

At the end of the day, we all want to be happy and healthy. If reading one book could prepare you for the unthinkable, would you read it? It could be the difference between a horror flick and a happily ever after.