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Flashpoint™! Are you ready?

Identifying a Flashpoint™ early can stop a conflict that could turn violent.

There are many times when we can predict a possibly dangerous situation before it happens but there are also a few times in life when we can actually predict a potentially extremely dangerous situation before it happens. A Flashpoint™ is a place, event, or time at which trouble, such as violence, can flare up or when danger is drastically increased. Being able to foresee a Flashpoint™, which could result in a potentially fatal interaction, can save your life.

While we know the 7 primary Safety Situations™ that can pose danger and we know how to handle them since we have the handbook 27 Close Calls™, identifying a possible Flashpoint™ is a a little harder. In order to identify a possible Flashpoint™, we need to look at our own lives and what we are going through at any given moment. However we can give a couple examples.

One example of a Flashpoint™ might be the moment you deliver divorce papers to your significant other. In this situation, things could become violent in a hurry even if you have never experienced violence with your partner before. In a this situation, you would benefit from taking actions to protect yourself such as having a process server deliver the papers instead of you and spending a few days out of town. Better safe than sorry is how we look at it.

Police or friends in your corner could reduce violence intensity or stop it all together.

In another example of a Flashpoint™, as described in 27 Close Calls™, Case# Linda 66-02-H10, Linda was told by her 7 year old daughter that her husband, the child's step-father, had touched her inappropriately. Linda decided to confront her husband about it. Linda nearly didn't live to tell her story. Had Linda identified this encounter as a Flashpoint™, or a situation that could pose increased violence, she may have planned for it differently and might have been able to avoid the extreme violence that almost took her life.

Our best tool to avoid violence is to detect when it might occur early and change our course so that we can avoid it all together. The good news is, we have the tool that can help you detect Safety Situations™ and Flashpoints™ fast so that you can get on with your life and get back to the good stuff. Get it now.